Bon Iver Live in Bangkok 2020

Bon Iver Live in Bangkok 2020

Witness deep and beautiful melodies which touch the listener’s soul.  Singha presents Bon Iver live in Bangkok in what will be the musical experience of 2020.  Bon Iver will be bringing a full band, complete with their own custom instruments, creating a new dimension of sound and light which must be experienced in person.


Twelve years ago little known band Bon Iver released For Emma, Forever Ago, an album recorded by Justin Vernon almost entirely in an isolated cabin in Wisconsin. The expansive, searching record was showered with acclaim and has since been cemented as an album that redefined the folk genre for American music, setting Bon Iver on course to become one of the biggest bands of the decade. In the ensuing years, two more critically acclaimed albums have followed - Bon Iver, Bon Iver and 22, A Million - as well as countless awards and sold out tours the world over.

The growth has been exponential but throughout Bon Iver’s evolution the band’s commitment to translating their music in the most intimate way, from small crowds to stadiums, has never wavered. “It hasn’t changed me, it only shifts my perspective,” says Justin of their success. “Whether it’s ten people in a room in Paris ten years ago to 10,000 people in a new city, it’s all still very full of energy. Both experiences are very similar for us, as the performers of our music every night, we want to equip the arena for a larger sense of experience and allow as many people as possible to see that.”

This year marks another point in the Bon Iver story. In August the band will release their fourth album, i,i, followed by Autumn, a North American tour that will take them to the close of the year. “This project keeps evolving and each iteration raises the bar from one version to the next,” says Bon Iver’s production designer, Michael Brown. “We’re doing this to both challenge ourselves and reward the fans that are coming back to see what is being created or even re-invented. We want our audiences to have a completely new experience every time they come to a show.”

sessions included Sean Carey, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Mike Lewis, Matt McCaughan, and Justin Vernon with Rob Moose and Jenn Wasner



15 January 2020


At Ticketmelon.com/VIJI/BONIVER

Ticket price 2,230Baht


Available from 26 September 2019, 10am